Google Ad Grants & Are They Worth It?

Advertising strategies are—unfortunately—always a gamble. Large marketing budgets can yield little results if you can’t grab the attention of your intended audience, be they volunteers or donors. Sometimes this is due to the messaging; other times, it’s the platform used. 

If your organization has been there, you might find yourself thinking, “I wish Google could just advertise for me.” In some ways, they can—both literally and financially.

Google Ad Grants are an online advertising solution from Google that offers up to $10,000 of AdWords advertising per month. In this article, we’ll get into what Google Ad Grants are, who qualifies, and how your nonprofit can benefit from them.

What is a Google Ads Grant and How Can My Organization Qualify?

Google Ad Grants for nonprofits is like a megaphone for your cause. It’s a program launched by Google that funds qualified organizations’ ad efforts, as long as they adhere to certain qualifications and guidelines. 

There are three major qualifications your organization needs to apply for a Google Ads Grant.

Valid and Current Status as a Charity

Google requires you to have a current 501(c) status. Luckily, it’s easy for nonprofits to fall into this category; the IRS cites just a few examples as “social welfare organizations, civic leagues, social clubs, labor organizations and business leagues.” 

Just make sure your organization falls into the IRS’s definition, and you’re good to go.

Functional Website

Your website should be current, functional, and communicate your organization’s goals effectively. Your website is just as essential to your ad campaign as the ads themselves; otherwise your volunteer and donor audience won’t have a landing to act on your ads. 

If you’re looking to qualify and your website has broken links and outdated images, consider a refresh before applying to this grant. 

Agree to Google Grant’s User Guidelines

Google requires certain certifications when it comes to receiving and using the grant, including how much of the $10,000 per month you use per day. There are a few pretty straightforward policies you must follow within the advertising as well, like logging in to the Google Ad account proactively and keeping your ad content relevant to your mission. 

How Do Google Ad Grants Work?

Google ad grants search


A Google Ad Grant is like a radio station. You’re the DJ with the best hits; the station supplies you with the money and tools to amplify your message to the right audience.

Google Grants for nonprofits supplies you with $10,000 per month of AdWords, allowing your ads to appear at the top of Google search results that correlate with your nonprofit. They also provide you with a robust toolkit to create, optimize, and target text-based campaigns.

How Do I Apply for a Google Grant?

You can start applying to a Google Ad Grant as soon as today. There are five basic steps to getting started:

  • See if You’re Eligible – Make sure you meet the three eligibility requirements we listed above. Once you’re sure you qualify as a charitable organization, read and agree with Google’s user terms, and have a functional website, you can begin the application process.


  • Apply for a Google Nonprofits Account – The next step is to apply for a Google Nonprofits Account. Your Nonprofits account will be the control hub of your future Google Ad campaign, where your mission and message take shape.
  • Submit an Ad Grants Eligibility Form – The eligibility form for Google Ad Grants lives in your Google Nonprofits account. Once your account is created, you can apply using the link in the Ad Grants activation page of your account. 


  • Confirm Your Eligibility – This is done by logging into your newly created Google for Nonprofits account and confirming that your form is complete.


  • Submit Your Activation Request – Finally, submit your activation request so the Google Ad Grants team can get started on reviewing and accepting your account. 

Turnaround on these applications takes an average of 21 days. If you’re a nonprofit that meets the basic qualifications—Google Ad Grants may be just a few clicks (and a few weeks) away.

Managing Your Google Ads Campaign

Imagine how much your nonprofit would benefit from Google’s grant and visibility, helping spread the word about your cause. 

Now imagine that doubled when you craft the perfect message and keyword strategy to pair.

Puzzle Pieces’ creative, nonprofit-specific marketing strategies will take your ads from common to compelling. So when applying to a Google Ad Grant to fund your nonprofit’s message, team up with us. We’ll make sure that not a cent of that grant goes to waste.


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