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Slide If you need epic branding, we offer what you need. Delivering quality design that elevates your image since 2009. Branding influences virtually every activity in the organization with each customer interaction.
Whether you’re looking to create a new brand from scratch or redesign an existing brand, Puzzle Pieces Marketing will build and manage your most valuable asset (your brand) so it gets noticed.
Because branding requires implementing a strategy, we take the time to carefully craft the blueprint for your success. We develop the tools to help you consistently deliver the right message.

Discovery Discovery Strategy Branding Creative The first step of our branding process involves us really getting to know you. We wanna know who you are, what you do, who you serve, and why you do what you do. It’s time for us to get nosy and start meeting with your team, conducting some research, doing customer interviews, and really drilling down to the core of who you are and how people view your brand.

Brand Discovery helps us determine how you want your audience to see you moving forward. It helps us create authentic and memorable experiences when people interact with your brand.
Strategy Discovery Strategy Branding Creative After we finish discovery, our team rolls up our sleeves gets down to the nitty gritty of developing your brand strategy. The primary goal of a branding strategy is to clearly identify the brand message and map out the strategies and tactics for how we plan to communicate the brand messaging consistently through persuasive collateral design.

Your strategy will help establish and solidify the relationship you have both internally with your employees and team members, and externally with your target audience.
Branding Discovery Strategy Branding Creative Next, we will work on pulling together all of the style features of your branding into a visual representation. Your branding is how you consistently express and communicate your message: where and how to use the logo, colors, fonts and just as importantly, how NOT to use all of that good stuff. Our team can help you bring clarity, consistency and unify your organization’s voice and visual look. Creative Discovery Strategy Branding Creative Let’s get creative! From developing concepts, writing compelling copy, to designing eye-catching marketing collateral, we offer a variety of branding and creative design services. Our team takes your brand strategy and develops creative materials that motivates and inspires action.

We have your back. Our mission is to help organizations like yours tell your story and connect with your audience.
The way we do things is pretty awesome.

Slide Show off Our branding projects include everything from naming your organization to creating a visual design system that tells your story and inspires action.

NCAAWA North County African American Women's Association (NCAAWA) NCAAWA gave us the chance to show off our creativity and LOVE for colors. Such a fun group of women who made it is easy to help them promote their mission in a way that fit with their current new brand and voice. We developed marketing collateral and branded tools that included:

- Brand Strategy & Messaging
- Brand Guidelines
- Marketing Collateral
- Template Development
Project 2 Volunteers of America Southwest (VOASW) Our team created a set of graphics, templates, and resources to support VOASW in the repositioning of their brand. The services included:

- Brand Strategy & Messaging
- Marketing Collateral Development
- Email Marketing Template Designs
- Direct Mail Campaigns
Project 3 Modern Parenting Solutions (MPS) We gave Dr. Becca Ballinger the works! Our team went full in on a rebrand and a developed a brand identity that included:

- Logo
- Brand Identity Kit
- Brand Guidelines
- Style Brief
- Stylescapes
Ballington Ballington Academy for the Arts & Sciences Our team of designers interpreted their brand characteristics in a more
visual way and developed graphic design elements. We created updated brand guidelines, colors and typefaces, stylescapes, and design elements to ensure that their organization uses their brand elements consistently.
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