The Black History Month Theme of 2022

Black History Month is a time dedicated to lifting up and honoring the legacies and contributions of Black Americans. And each year, the Association for the Study of African American Life and History (ASALH) chooses a new theme—a new lens of celebration—for February. 

The goal of setting a theme isn’t to restrict individuals’ reflections. Rather, each theme provides an opportunity to concentrate efforts on the issues impacting Black Americans the most.

This year, the BHM theme is Black Health and Wellness.

Black Health and Wellness celebrates the contributions made to healthcare and our greater understanding of health by Black Americans. It also advocates for individual physical and mental well-being, while shining a light on the greater healthcare system and the impacts it has on Black Americans.

Celebrating Black Health and Wellness: How to Participate in This Year’s Theme

As you pay tribute to the significant achievements of Black Americans, consider making time to reflect on wellness, how it fits into your own life, and what you can do to support equitable healthcare in your community. 

If you’re looking for some inspiration—here are three ways to get started.

#1 Listen to and Support Black Healthcare Workers

In 2020, a group of healthcare workers recognized the need for an outlet for the voices of Black healthcare workers, especially as they faced the trials of the pandemic. In response, the group recorded and launched Black Voices in Healthcare—a series of podcasts highlighting the voices and stories of Black healthcare workers. 

Its creators, who called themselves the Nocturnists, set out to create empathy for the experiences of healthcare workers and foster conversations about racism within the field of healthcare. 

You can listen to all 10 episodes on the Nocturnists’ website, share their message, and donate to support the organization.

#2 Support Organizations Promoting Black Health

For those seeking resources on the topic of Black wellness, there’s reason to rejoice. Advocates and organizers are working tirelessly to address issues of equity, racism, and access in healthcare. As you commemorate Black history, these are the places to direct your financial support.

There are more Black-led nonprofits focused on health and wellness than we can list here, but we’ve named a few to start:

COVID health equity demonstration

Source: The National Black Leadership Commission on Health

  • The National Black Leadership Commission on Health – This organization advocates for public policies to improve the healthcare of Black communities and spreads awareness about the most significant health conditions affecting Black Americans.
  • Black Mamas Matter Alliance – BMMA seeks to address healthcare inequities for the care of Black mothers, both during and after pregnancy.
  • Therapy for Black Girls – This group aims to make mental healthcare more accessible to Black women, as well as reduce the stigma about seeking therapy.
  • The Black Mental Health Alliance – The Alliance provides workshops and training for mental health professionals, youth, adults, and caregivers, with a focus on mental wellness, healing, and self-care.

#3 Care for Your Own Physical and Mental Health

This year’s theme is a gentle reminder that even though Black history month happens once a year, your wellness matters every single day. Take a moment to think about how you’re supporting your health and find inspiration to do more. Maybe that’s scheduling a physical or recommitting to a mental health practice that nourishes you. 

You deserve to prioritize your wellness. Let this month be the time where you let yourself do just that.

Marketing for Changemakers: The Puzzle Pieces Marketing Mission

As you reflect on (and learn about) the history of Black Health and Wellness this month, remember to realign your focus on the present as well. There are innovators making strides in healthcare today and sharing your support for them is a great way to celebrate.

Looking to make your own achievements in support of the Black community

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