What is Rebranding & Is It a Good Idea?

Have you ever gone to a party and seen someone wearing the same outfit, minus a few details? You might be the type to avoid the doppleganger, or maybe you embrace them and share a laugh. Either way, one thing is certainly clear—it may be time to shake things up in your wardrobe and refresh your image.

When you’ve finally perfected your brand voice, it’s hard to consider starting over. But there are signs that you could benefit from pivoting in a new direction. 

But what is rebranding? What does rebranding mean in practice? And how can it help your organization?

What is Rebranding in Marketing?

Rebranding does not mean you forgo the ideals and goals you’ve carefully built to represent something new. It’s a makeover, a transformative touch-up for your name, logo, design, or all three. 

Though it can’t be done in a salon, rebranding has the same wow-effect as getting a brand new style and feeling like a brand-new you.

Purpose of Rebranding 

There are two types of rebranding: proactive and reactive. They arise for two different purposes we’ll explore.

  • Proactive rebranding is done when an organization recognizes there is room for growth, or an opportunity to tap into a new audience. For example, Airbnb went from this blue logo in 2008, to this orange-red in 2014:
Airbnb logo

Image source: https://inkbotdesign.com/rebranding-examples

Airbnb created a new icon, “The Bélo,” to incorporate its four main principles: people, places, love, and Airbnb. They even created a new color for the logo and named it “Rausch,” the street the business started on. 

It made Airbnb more approachable, modern, and gave a little homage to its beginnings.


  • Reactive rebranding is done when an organization reacts to branding similar to its own, current events, or an isolated incident. During the Super Bowl Blackout of 2013, Tide tweeted: 
Tide tweet

Image source: https://www.newswhip.com/2013/07/marketing-in-the-moment-5-top-examples-of-reactive-marketing/

This kind of thinking-on-your-feet advertising can bring even huge, well-established brands, like Tide, into the forefront of branding again. Though this was a single tweet, it modernized the way viewers think about laundry detergent.

When is Rebranding a Good Idea?

As the ethereal Whitney Houston once sang, “How will I know (it’s time to rebrand)…?” 

Well, maybe those aren’t the exact lyrics. But there are a few signs it may be time for a design overhaul. Here are just a few.

  • Your image is outdated – Ask yourself if the classic image is working, or if it’s time for a new, shinier look. 
  • You want to target a new audience – There’s always a new generation to engage, a new niche to be made. Rebranding can draw new audiences to you like a magnet.
  • There is new competition – Has a competitor shown up that looks eerily similar to your setup? Consider a rebrand to dodge doppelgangers.
  • Your values have changed – Maybe the branding overhaul signifies a deeper  shift in your organization. Your branding can show that you’ve re-thought which values you want to stand by and new changes in your organization. 

5 Benefits of Rebranding

So you’ve decided to take the plunge and reimagine your brand. Congrats! Rebranding in marketing can be an extremely rewarding feat. Diving into a new image is not always as easy as diving into a pool. But it has the same effect as cool water on a hot day: absolutely refreshing.

Here are 5 benefits your organization will see if you decide to rebrand.

#1 Boosted Revenue

After a strategic rebrand, you can expect to see an increase in your bottom line, whether you’re selling garbanzo beans or trying to save an endangered species. A solid rebrand is meant to keep your main audience engaged, while also reeling in new ones.

#2 Stronger Identity

There is power in reinvention. Rebranding means honing in on your message and identity. Harley Davidson was just a bankrupt motorcycle company in 1985. But improving product quality and selling their brand as a lifestyle made their identity a cultural phenomenon.

#3 More Visibility

Companies that rebrand get plenty of attention. For example, Pabst Blue Ribbon, a traditionally cheap beer choice, now sells for $44 a pop in China after a successful rebrand.  A rebrand is like a new life for the company. It can make the buzz around a product go from casual to coveted, fast.

#4 New Focus

When you’re reborn, there’s more room to focus on new, exciting projects. J. Crew did a fantastic job shifting focus when they realized customers were using their simple sundresses as bridesmaid dresses; so they worked on a bridal line to fit customer needs.

#5 Reset

There’s something freeing about pressing the reset button on your brand. Re-invention is for the brave-hearted, and is unforgettable when done well. Old Spice, for example, was a no-nonsense deodorant brand. But now nearly everyone knows them for their whimsical, unusual advertising that commands audiences to “Look at your man. Now back to me.”

old spice ad horse

Image source: https://bis235au2015.wordpress.com/2016/05/15/old-spice-spicing-things-up/


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