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grants for Nonprofits

From creating your Google Ads campaigns, to managing, optimizing, and maintaining compliance of existing Google Grant campaigns, we’re the missing piece to your marketing team. Puzzle Pieces makes the process seamless and efficient to improve your SEO results.

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For many nonprofit organizations, Google Ad Grants is one of the biggest missed opportunities to communicate with the communities you serve.

If you don’t have the time or experience to manage your own Google Ads campaigns, we can help.

The Google Ad Grants programs gives eligible nonprofits $10,000 in free advertising from Google EVERY MONTH! Is your organization one of them?

A Google Grant is a powerful tool to help your nonprofit elevate your message and improve your organization’s ability to effectively reach new audiences. Ads appear in the search results and help people become aware of your cause.

Google for Nonprofits provides grants that can be an exceptional resource for registered 501(C)(3) nonprofit organizations.

  • Apply for the Google for Nonprofits
  • Agree to Google’s guidelines
  • Website meets Ad Grants policy
  • Get approved

The following types of nonprofits are ineligible for Google Grants:

  • Hospitals or healthcare organizations
  • Schools or educational institutions
  • Government organizations