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In-person events are a great way to raise money for your nonprofit, but let’s face it—they’re not perfect. Getting people to commit to an event date can be like herding cats. Plus, collecting volunteers and booking a place can be stressful, not to mention exponentially more intricate in a world affected by Covid-19. 

So, is there an effective way to raise donations year-round for your nonprofit, all from the comfort of your home? The answer may be right under your nose (or rather, in your pocket!).

Enter the Instagram Donate Button: the new frontier for nonprofits. You may already use Instagram to promote awareness about your nonprofit, but do you know how to utilize this channel to collect donations straight from the app as well?

Read on to master the magic of the Donate button on Instagram, and start raising more money for your nonprofit.

How Does A Nonprofit Organization Get Donations On Instagram?


Instagram has grown way past the platform’s simple idea of posting pictures and captions for the world to see. Now it boasts tons of filters, stickers, and programs to help shops, influencers, and nonprofits alike. 

But all that choice can be dizzying: how do you know which to use, and where to get started?

We’ll show you how to navigate instagram’s many tools and capabilities step by step. By the time you’re done, your nonprofit’s instagram will be ready for donors to click and contribute with ease. 

How to Add a Donation Button to Your Instagram Profile


Ready to start collecting donations on Instagram from followers who really care? Follow the steps below, and you’ll be on your way to having your own donation button, tailored to your nonprofit. 

Step #1: The Charitable Giving Tools Instagram Application

To begin the (short) journey to claiming your Instagram donation button, your quest starts on Facebook. Use your nonprofit’s Facebook account to apply to the Charitable Giving Tools Instagram Application

The application requirements vary by state, but if you’re a US-based nonprofit, you’ll just need:

  • A 501(c)(3) organisation registration status.
  • A tax ID number.
  • Bank account details registered with a licensed financial services institution. 
  • The date of birth and address of the nonprofit’s CEO or executive director.

Facebook takes about 2 to 3 weeks to review your application. Once you’ve gathered all your documents and submitted, you’re on your way! 

Step #2: Link Your Nonprofit’s Facebook to Your Instagram Page

Now that you’re ready to receive donations, make sure you connect your nonprofit’s Facebook and Instagram page. To do so, switch your Instagram to a Business Account if it isn’t already. Then, follow these steps:

  • Go to your nonprofit’s Instagram profile and select ‘Edit Profile’.
  • Under ‘Public Business Information’, select ‘Page’.
  • Choose your nonprofit’s Facebook page.

Perfect! You’re now connected and ready to add your donation button.

Step #3: Add the Donate Button to Your Nonprofit’s Instagram Account

Just a few more taps stand between your nonprofit and a shiny new donation button. Huzzah! Start at your Instagram profile and follow these steps:

  • Select ‘Menu’ in the top right corner
  • Select ‘Settings’
  • Select ‘Donations’
  • Tap ‘Add Donations Button to Profile’

And you’re all set! Now go forth and collect donations for your essential cause.

How To Use A Donation Sticker On Instagram Stories


Do your loyal Instagram followers repost your content in their stories? Let them go one step further and allow people to make an instagram donation sticker. To do so:

  • Go to your nonprofit’s Facebook page 
  • Select ‘Publishing Tools’
  • Select ‘Donation Settings’ (should appear in the fundraiser section)
  • Check the box that says ‘Allow people to add donation stickers on Instagram Stories’
  • Don’t forget to click ‘Save’

Image Source: Instagram

Now when people search for your nonprofit, they can add donation stickers along with important content. Stickers push your nonprofit even further by word-of-mouth (word-of-click?) and allow even more people to donate quickly. 

Puzzle Pieces: How To Get a Donate Button On Instagram, Simplified


Keep in mind the three keys to utilizing Instagram’s donation capabilities as you move forward with your new tool:


  • The Donation Button, which provides your Instagram followers a single-click path to donate to your nonprofit. 


  • Stickers, which allow your followers to share your content and let their followers donate directly to your nonprofit.


  • Instagram Stories, where you can pin your shiny new donation button every time you post a Story (remember that you can keep your story up for 24 hours or pin it to your profile permanently).

If you love finding out about features like this, you already love Puzzle Pieces. We push nonprofits and small businesses to their fullest potential, online and offline. 

Is there a new Instagram or Facebook feature that can uplift your nonprofit? We’ve got our finger on the pulse, and will guide your nonprofit to the finish line. Being first is part of being at the forefront of fresh, fun, magnetic marketing.

And with Puzzle Pieces, we’ll be running alongside you the entire time.  Contact us today to level up your IG game!


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