Discovery Social Media Our MisFIT marketing team can create an effective Social Media Marketing Strategy to help your nonprofit or organization share your story and level up your mission. It's time to let the power of social media cultivate your donor relationships, engage your audience, and increase your website traffic. Unleash the power of social media.
Identify and assess your target audience

We collaborate with you to help determine who is included in your audience to help develop effective messaging for your campaign that appeals to your target audience.

Develop and implement an effective social media marketing strategy

Once we have properly defined your audience, we then develop a social media marketing strategy to reach and engage your audience.

Social media monitoring

We don’t just post, share or blast information without tracking its performance; our team consistently monitors and tracks the results of our social media efforts to assess the overall performance of the campaign.

Use of analytics and data-tracking for strategy improvement

Using key data analytics and tracking tools, we monitor performance to make adjustments to your strategy to ensure we understand which content performs the best.

Better Get Social.

Social Network Users Worldwide in 2020

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