10 Top Black Brands to Buy From this Black History Month

However you plan to celebrate Black History Month, one of the most practical ways to give back (and treat yourself) is to cultivate consciousness about where you spend your dollar and prioritize Black owned businesses.

Whether you’re looking for your new favorite outfit or a bottle of sparkling wine to toast this month, meet our top 10 favorite Black brands to buy from during Black History Month to show some love this February.

Mielle Organics

In 2014, Monique Rodriguez, RN, spotted the need for quality, natural Black hair care. Today, this best-selling natural hair care line, which ships to 87 countries worldwide, derives its power from harnessing organic, plant-based ingredients formulated specifically for Black hair.

Even as it’s found tremendous success in its own right, Mielle Organics is all about investing in Black futures with their More Than A Strand initiative, which:

  • Invests in Black-owned businesses and entrepreneurs
  • Supports global education through scholarships in the U.S., UK, Caribbean, and Africa
  • Awards funds to beauty parlors in communities of color across the U.S.

Actively Black

You don’t have to be a gym fiend to rock some of the sleekest activewear in the game. Actively Black designs bold, sleek athleisure for men and women that make wearers feel empowered whether they’re heading to the gym or hanging out at home. 

The line is the brainchild of Lanny Smith, and his mission statement for the brand speaks for itself: “We aren’t asking for a seat at the table anymore. We are building our own table.

Savage X

Is there anything Rihanna can’t do? If you know one of this era’s most iconic songstresses, you probably know that she’s also a mogul with multiple business ventures, including Savage X Lingerie.

Puzzle Pieces Marketing Founder & President, Angel Mason Broadus featured wearing Savage X Fenty Onesie and slippers

Angel Mason Broadus featured wearing Savage X Fenty Onesie and slippers. Hair styled with Mielle & Taliah Waajid.

If your comfy clothes are due for a refresher, Savage X Fenty is the perfect brand to update your top drawer with your newest favorites.

Taliah Waajid

Taliah Waajid is one of the most decorated, buzzed-about, Black-centered hair and skincare in the world today. Waajid launched her business when she was 14 years old, deriving her work ethic from a passion for the natural hair movement and an insistence on creating chemical-free products that keep hair vibrant, customers healthy, and demonstrate a vested interest in self-care for the long-haul.

This Black History Month, you can grab some Taliah Waajid products for every stitch of your hair and skincare routine, for everyone on your list (kids included).


Thinking of emboldening your look and adding something special to your wardrobe? Get ready to glow up by shopping the latest from LucyLily, a women’s wear brand dedicated to making women feel gorgeous inside and out.

LucyLily designs straddle the gamut from wearable, polished two-piece sets to heart-stopping dresses for glittering evenings out. In addition to apparel, you’ll also find some cheeky duffel bags designed to add a coquettish flair to wherever you’re headed on the go.

PUR Home

The toxic effects of chemical-heavy cleaning products have been well-documented, particularly when it comes to cleaning sprays, which can impair lung function as much as smoking cigarettes.

Creating safe, planet-kind household cleaning products was at the forefront of Angela and Michelle Richardson’s minds when they founded PUR Home, a brand concocting laundry, kitchen, and bathroom cleaning products that put the safety of humans and Earth first. PUR Home products are:

  • Non-toxic
  • Plant-based
  • Sulfate-free
  • Biodegradable

As a measure of transparency, every ingredient they use is listed in their “Ingredient Glossary”. Check out their products to deep clean your household supply closet before spring cleaning hits!

Chic Geeks

It doesn’t matter where you get the job done. Whether you’re in the office or working from your local coffee shop, walking around with a naked laptop or phone can take a toll on your technology.

If you’re looking to protect your gear and look fresh while you do it, take a look at Chic Geek’s catalog of stylish laptop cases, keyboard skins, phone covers, and more. Beyond your typical matte black or lilac-hued covers, you’ll find luxe, conceptual designs like Crocodile-inspired iPhone cases and iridescent sheaths for your iPad.

BLK & Bold

Coffee and tea drinkers join forces under the banner of BLK & Bold, a Black-owned specialty beverage company founded by java and leaf-lovers Pernell and Rod. 

For BLK & Bold’s owners, the ritual of morning brew is key to establishing a solid baseline—not just to build your day, but to build a rich life. This business has pledged 5% of its profits to invigorating youth education, expanding employment opportunities, and offsetting homelessness in underserved communities and neighborhoods of color.

Inspire your morning ritual and find your next favorite bag of beans by shopping directly from the company’s website, or making a pitstop at your local ShopRite, Target, WholeFoods, and other major vendors.


If you’re on the hunt for the perfect gift for a friend—or are just looking for an excuse to treat yourself to something special—you’ll love browsing at YOWIE, an eclectic, chic, and colorful “home and life shop” based in Philly:

  • Have a plant-mom pal who’s always one planter short of perfecting her home garden? YOWIE has that.


  • Looking for a colorful art piece for the friend who just moved into his new apartment? YOWIE has you covered.


  • Want to give the adventurous eater in your life a gourmet condiment like nothing they’ve ever tasted before? YOWIE has that too, and they’re constantly bringing new flavors into the rotation.

Whatever your gifting needs this Black History Month, you’re sure to find something innovative, fresh, and affordable at this Black-owned, woman-owned business.

Maison Noir Wines

When we think of American wines, most of us think of California, but Maison Noir Wines is urging us to broaden our palettes and look a little higher up the coast to discover a different American terroir: Oregon. 

Founded by sommelier André Hueston, Maison Noir Wines are the independent iteration of Hueston’s so-called “garage wines”—the fermentations he originally conceived while working as a consultant for some of New York’s highest-end restaurants.

Whether you’re sipping on a crisp Love Drunk Rosé or a deep, warm red like Horseshoes & Hand Grenades, you’ll love that each label is designed as boldly as the flavor. 

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Business is not a winner-take-all game, and if there’s any time to celebrate the collective spirit of creativity, reciprocity, and positive impact of Black entrepreneurship, it’s Black History Month.

Whether you’re at the beginning of your career or looking to take the next step, join the fold of thriving Black-owned businesses by partnering with Puzzle Pieces Marketing. As a Black-owned, women-owned marketing agency, it’s our mission to help you actualize your business’ highest goals by deploying cutting-edge marketing techniques that can help you meet—and surpass—your next landmark.

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