7 Ways To Spark Your Creativity

7 Ways to Spark Your Creativity

It is no secret that marketing and public relations require a lot of creativity.  However, as I’m sure many of you know, sometimes the sheer pressure of creating an excellent PR strategy can stump your brain and keep you from doing just that.  Suddenly, you find yourself staring at a computer screen for hours, with every ounce of your being in a state of creative drought.  How do you spark your creativity? This is when you need to take a step back, and get those creative juices flowing.  If you are anything like me, taking a break to relax may be easier said than done, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t an important thing that we all need to do.  It’s National Hanging Out Day, so let’s talk about some ways you can take a day, or even just an hour, to get those creative juices flowing.  

Take A Walk

Among the many benefits sunlight has on your body, it increases the serotonin levels that are released in your brain.  Taking just a thirty minute walk can ease your mind from stress and anxiety and help open your eyes up to the world around you.  You never know, you may see something that will trigger the creativity that you need.

Keep a journal

This may sound cliche, but sometimes when your creativity decides to sleep in a little longer than usual, writing can wake it right up.  Writing your thoughts, stresses, feelings, and any other life events by hand can help you see the bigger picture.  The process of putting your thoughts onto paper is actually proven to help with creativity, and as an added bonus, can be extremely therapeutic.

Change up the routine

Many of us thrive on routine, particularly in business.  However, getting too stuck in your routine can actually prevent your creative juices from flowing.  With routine, you forget to take breaks, and your schedule tends to become less flexible.  These two things, along with many others, are important when it comes to creativity.  Sticking to the same routine day after day does not challenge your creative mind at all.  So, change up the routine, whether you take a walk, take a break every hour, or eat something different.  Do something that causes your mind to step out of its routine, and pretty soon, you will feel like a brand new, creative person.

Take a media break

Between all the news networks, sports statistics and social media updates that grace our lives everyday, the constant information can be pretty overwhelming.  Take a break from media, turn off your notifications and put your phone in another room, even for just thirty minutes.  Believe it or not, the world will survive without you, and you can call or text that person back later.  Taking a media break frees your mind from the troubles of the world, the anticipation that comes with sports, and the comparisons that we all make between ourselves and those we see on social media.

Clean your Office

Creativity is often blocked out by clutter.  Your brain actually cannot function as productively in a cluttered environment – but this is not a new and mind-blowing fact.  However, sometimes life happens, we don’t have time to clean, and our work space becomes cluttered.  Taking just fifteen minutes to tidy up can make all the difference.  Not only will it get you moving and your blood flowing, but you will probably be able to see your desk again – so that’s a win.

Take a shower

I mean, let’s be real, we all have our best ideas in the shower.  There are even waterproof notepads for this exact purpose.  So why deny yourself the amazing opportunity to take a shower and let those creative juices flow?  A great idea is just behind the curtain.

Do something fun

If you spend a lot of your time working, you probably don’t have a whole lot of time for fun.  However, often times, indulging yourself with a little fun can actually be the best thing for your creativity.  This could be anything from hanging out with friends, to binge watching your favorite TV show, going to the beach, reading a book, or getting in touch with your artistic side by creating a masterpiece.  Take some time to experience all the fun that life has to offer.  After all, it is National Hanging Out Day, so take a day, hang out, and your creativity will strike in the morning…or maybe even the middle of the night.