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Accessity opens the doors of financial opportunity for entrepreneurs through access to small business loans and a community of support and resources.

Accion Serving San Diego was rebranding and needed assistance with finding a new name for the organization. Our branding consultant collaborated with their internal team to provide consulting services in 2 phases to help identify creative ideas to build a strong brand.

The first phase of the project involved assisting them throughout the process of brainstorming and selecting the organization’s new name – Accessity. We then worked to pull together the style and visual concepts to help develop their brand identity.

Our team created a super cool platform that put the users first, making it a breeze for small businesses to get access to loan information and creating a lively community full of support and awesome resources. The website is like a magical mix of practical features, combining a smooth user experience with eye-catching design.

Its goal? To totally shake up the way entrepreneurs connect, learn, and get their hands on crucial financial resources.