Pets and branding

Today is National Love Your Pets Day, and to us, our pets play such an important role in our lives.  For some of us, they are our children, for others they are a companion, and for some they are an exercise accountability partner.  Whatever purpose your little friend plays in your life, they are a part of what makes you, you.  Do you know what else makes you who you are?  Your brand, both personal and professional.  Your brand is how you show the world who you are.  This consists of your style, your business cards, your demeanor, and your overall presence.  So why not incorporate your furry (or not so furry) little friend into your brand?  


It is hard to go on YouTube or any other social media network these days without seeing public figures posting about their animals.  Several YouTube stars refer to their pets as part of who they are, and they are fully a part of their social presence.  Some of the animals even have their own fans.  


So how do you use your pets to help cultivate your brand?  Well for your personal brand it’s easy.  You can take them with you wherever you go (when it’s allowed of course, we don’t need you bringing your puppy to an indoor restaurant), or they can be your screensaver on your laptop and phone.  

pets and branding

Depending on your job, bringing your pet with you may not be appropriate.  If you are interested in including your little friend into your professional brand, you could start by putting their pictures on your desk.  There are some more subtle ways to do it as well.  The color scheme of your business cards, letterhead, pens, etc., could be the colors of their collar or food dish.  If you can’t bring your beloved pet with you to work every day, you can still bring them with you in spirit.


Using your pets in your personal and professional brands can also be shown in the way you interact with them.  For most, this will be seen primarily on social media.  Depending on the types of pictures you post of your pets could show you are a fun, easy-going and trustworthy person.  It also shows that you are responsible, empathetic and more respectful and conscious of the world around you.  Having a pet speaks volumes for your personality and values, and that can never do you any harm when it comes to your brand.


Your personal and professional brands are crucial to your everyday life and success in the world.  Having a consistent brand helps you feel more confident, and it allows people to see and remember who you are and what you stand for.  Your pets could be the thing that helps you take that extra step in whatever you want to do today.

pets and branding