We are excited to unleash our referral program to our readers!

Here’s a Recap of our Special Offer of 10% off!

Get in on this referral madness! We are calling on you to refer your friends and clients to meet us! We highly recommend sharing our landing page on your business’ LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media sites. In addition, email and other forms of communication are wonderful ways to take advantage of this special offer! From there, people who use this link https://www.puzzlepiecesmarketing.com/referral-program will be able to provide their contact information to us at Puzzle Pieces, which will make it possible for us to reach out to your contacts! You may also find the referral page on our website by clicking the “Get $100!” tab. 

Another way of approaching this promotion is through providing contacts for Puzzle Pieces to reach out to your referrals. Here at Puzzle Pieces, we pride ourselves on our client relations and make it our first priority when conducting business. To thank you for connecting us with your contacts, we will be awarding referrers (with qualified referrals) 10% off of your own service with Puzzle Pieces Marketing. Don’t need a service right now? No worries, we will credit you $100 now for your service referral. Another great way to use your 10% is to give it to the San Diego Humane Society. In support of our campaign, “MisFits are the best fits”, we are searching for the best loving homes for the MisFits at the San Diego Humane Society. The rewards from our referral programs have many possibilities. If you would like to receive 5% off of your award and donate the other 5% to the San Diego Humane Society, we can do that for you! In fact, we know that the San Diego Humane Society would truly appreciate your heartfelt donation. We are always looking forward to continuing working with our clients and in addition to creating new relationships! Don’t miss out on all of the Madness!

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