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Toothbrushery.com offers brush heads that fit your electric toothbrush as well as a variety of manual toothbrushes. Their mission is to promote oral health by making it hassle-free and less expensive to replace toothbrushes, to give back by donating one toothbrush for each one purchased to those who are less fortunate, and donating their time to provide much needed dental care to children around the world.

We worked our web design magic to create a captivating online presence for our client. Through innovative layouts, eye-catching visuals, and seamless user experience, we crafted a website that not only showcased their brand beautifully but also left visitors spellbound. Our expertise in website design transformed their online platform into a powerful tool that elevated their business and left a lasting impression on their audience.
Provided regular and consistent updates to their social media profiles including answering questions and responding to comments to help increase exposure, create CTA’s and drive traffic to their website. The Puzzle Pieces Marketing team was responsible for creating their social media calendar, writing post copy, designing graphics, posting content, and management & engagement on social media profiles.