Meet Our Furry Friends!

 We want you to get familiar with our many friends at the San Diego Humane Society!

Introducing our 3-year old Siberian Husky friend, Jonas!

San Diego Humane Society

Jonas, 3 years old

This furball is looking for a loving home and friends to play with! Jonas was rescued from a Korean Dog Meat Farm, where he was raised for human consumption in Asia. Due to his horrible past, Jonas comes across as a little shy at first but is truly looking for love and companionship! His trainers are excited to share that despite his upbringing, he has learned commands such as “crate” and “touch” and has learned how to walk on a leash. He will need help with ongoing rehabilitation and training, but with a loving and compassionate family, Jonas is bound to be a beloved family member!

Meet our Purrrfect Pal, Whiskers!

San Diego Humane Society

Whiskers, 5 years old

Whiskers is a sweet, lovable, domestic short hair male cat. He was brought to the San Diego Humane Society from a family that unfortunately had to say goodbye to Whiskers when moving out of state. Whiskers is now looking for a home filled with love! He is a great fit for adults or older individuals that will be more respectful to Whiskers and give him time to feel comfortable in his new environment. Currently, he is working on building his confidence with his trainers. His hobbies include relaxing, meeting other feline friends, and being petted with his back scratcher. Fun Fact about Whiskers is that when given attention, he is notorious for purring for hours! Whiskers could be the perfect fit for your home!


San Diego Humane Society

Betty Boop, 2 years old

The heart-breaker, Ms. Betty Boop!  As her name may have implied, Betty Boop is full of character! The American Pit Bull Terrier mix is a social butterfly that is always ready to make new friends! She is full of smiles and loves going on adventures around town! Her ideal day consists of exploring the town on her leash, interacting with dogs and new companions! After a long day out, Betty Boop loves taking naps and is very mellow. At times, this cutie can be a little bashful and just needs a little extra love and reassurance from others. She loves affections of all types! Betty Boop is anxiously awaiting to spread love to her new family.


Esta, 5 years old

Meet the sweet, little EstaIn search for a new best friend, Esta is a 5-year old Domestic Short Hair. She enjoys the best of both worlds—she enjoys attention and affection, however, she is also found to be more independent at times. Her favorite thing to do is snuggle! She is looking for a new family that will give her respect and let her do her thing. Esta prefers to be the only pet in the household and would do best in this type of environment. She is happiest when she is able to approach her humans when she is ready for attention. Esta wants to fill your heart with happiness!


Last, but certainly not least…Say Hello to AugustineAugustine, a 12-year old domestic short haired cat is in search for a new family to love! She was brought to the San Diego Humane Society from another shelter. Although her past is a little unsure, we are confident that with the help of our San Diego community her future is sure to be bright! The perfect day for Augustine includes lounging in her basket of blankets, playing with toys, and given a gentle head rub from a human companion! She absolutely adores spending quality time with her humans! An ideal home for Augustine consists of a mellow family or adults that will create a respectful environment filled with love! She is awaiting her Furever home!

San Diego Humane Society

Augustine, 12 years old

We invite you to meet more of our furry friends at the San Diego Humane Society! You’re only a click away from finding the perfect fit to complete your home!