Best Uses of Aerial Photography in Marketing

Drone technology is used in almost every industry across the globe these days. From radiation mapping in Fukushima to being used in search and rescue operations, drones are changing how everything is done. It’s no surprise that drones are now being used in marketing, specifically their ability to change how it’s done through the use of aerial photography.

Aerial photography brings a fresh, new perspective

Viewing a full property listing when looking to buy a new home or a piece of property wasn’t possible due to the fact that real estate agents and companies didn’t have a helicopter on hand in order to gain aerial shots. Now, however, using a drone to take what used to be impossible shots is now entirely possible.

Not only does this give the real estate agent or company a full view on any work that needs to be done on the property, but it also gives potential buyers a full, realistic view of the entire home and everything on the property.

This brings a serious marketing edge for anyone in need of that type of photography compared to those who don’t have aerial photography resources.

In fact, properties who are listed with aerial images are actually 68 percent more likely to sell compared to property listings who do not use them, according to Multiple Listing Service statistics.

Bringing down your budget

What’s cooler than being able to save money on your budget for marketing? Owning and operating a drone is a lot cheaper than hiring a photographer who can’t get all of the shots you need unless they have a helicopter handy, which will be even more expensive.

Even the best drones with cameras won’t cost nearly as much as hiring an expensive photographer or renting a helicopter for marketing purposes. There are a wide variety of drone-related websites out there that can help anyone find the perfect drone to suit their needs, such as Dronethusiast, for example.

Marketing can be extremely costly depending on your industry. Thankfully, aerial photography is something you can do yourself to cut costs while improving the quality of your marketing. Ocean Shore

Creating new and better content

Visuals paint a much better picture than any piece of written content ever could. For example, simply writing about your event and using pictures that were taken on the ground from the previous year may be adequate, but the best part about marketing is that you can incorporate almost anything and make your marketing schemes top notch.

Using aerial photography to market your events not only gives your customers and attendees something to look at, but it also gives them a better view of what they can expect and get excited about. Lighthouse

Using aerial photography as a platform

Billboards and signs are traditional marketing tools, but you can take a drone almost anywhere. Drones have provided a way for marketers to take advantage of the limits and bend them to their will. Depending on your city’s laws, you can get drones to do all of the work for you.

There are drones who are able to carry things around using their payload feature, which allows marketers to hold signs advertising their business, drop flyers, you name it. The aerial photography feature comes into play during this.

Marketers can use the photography features to capture their reactions and see how people are responding to their business, their current ad campaign, or whatever you have the drone doing, in general.

This is a great way to get your company’s name out there, as well, especially because a drone buzzing around is sure to gain the attention of everyone in the area at that time.

Drones are changing the way we do everything these days. From simply flying as a hobby to incorporating them into our marketing schemes, the sky is literally the limit.