Google+ (Google Plus) is all the “Buzz” lately  so I thought  I’d would jump into the conversation and get your input on it. Although it has only been launched in what Google is calling in a field trial period, an invitation-only approach to help smooth out the rough edges, it’s already being discussed as the next Facebook.

Here are some of the differences/ advantages we’ve found.

  1. Google+ will have a seamless integration with all Google products:Google search, Gmail, Google Maps, Google Documents, and Apps will all integrate and it provides a genuine integration of search and social media.
  2. More robust “friend management” tools with Google +: Not very many people use the Facebook feature which allows you to group friends. With the new Google+ circles, posts to profession or business groups are kept separate from posts to your Friends and personal connections.
  3. Mobile is built in. With the growth of Android, Google is launching Google+ with mobile apps starting with Android platform.
  4. Video Conferencing: “Huddles”, Google+ terminology for video conferencing is integrated into the platform so no additional applications are required. What will this mean for services like Skype?

Could Facebook have some problems? Will Google+ be the next big thing that changes the market or will it fail to gain market momentum similar Google Buzz. It’s probably still too early to be sure but what do you think? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Angel Mason
Puzzle Pieces Marketing