In San Marcos, small businesses are still awaiting our neighborhood  Meanwhile, we can post to Carlsbad or Encinitas. is a great way to become the expert in your local community.  Whether you are a Tax Accountant, Real Estate Agent, Mechanic, or Dentist, you can build your reputation with little effort. is reshaping the local newspaper model.  These newspapers are driven by contributors who post blog articles and offer advice.  By adding yourself to Patch, you will improve your inbound linking and SEO position of your website while establishing yourself as a the local expert.

Patch also allows you to add links to outside websites.  This can be very helpful in gaining inbound links to key terms that apply to your practice.  An example is to link a term like “Encinitas Florist” to your website.  Google will index this inbound link and give you an advantage over your competitors. Press Releases can highlight a new hire, a special event, or a new location.

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