After figuring out that customers browsing their site on an Apple computer were willing to spend as much as 30 percent more on a hotel room than Windows PC users were, Orbitz has decided to personalize search results for PC users vs Mac fans.

Orbitz Worldwide CEO Barney Harford explained an Orbitz user’s computer type is “just one of many factors that determine which hotels to recommend a given customer as part of our efforts to show customers the most relevant hotels possible.”

Click here to learn more about how Orbitz is using the data.¬†Orbitz’s public acknowledgement of their customized results should also serve as a reminder that every click we make contributes toward building our online user profile. Those ads you see for new kitchen sinks three days after doing a Google search for “kitchen sinks” are no coincidence.

Are you using your website analytics to work for you? If not, maybe you should…