Not for Profit? Not a Problem!

When people hear the term “Nonprofit” they automatically think of an organization that doesn’t need to function like a business. While this is technically true, most successful nonprofits utilize some of the same techniques that have made accomplished companies what they are today. Not for profit isn’t a bad thing. If you’re asking yourself, “how can I adopt some of these methods to help MY nonprofit succeed?”, then you have come to the right blog. Puzzle Pieces Marketing has heard you and your peers’ queries and has created another blog chock-full of great tips and tricks to help your nonprofit flourish!

Hold on to your Generous Ones

Just like in business, it is more expensive to attract a new donor than to cultivate one you already have. Many nonprofits spend their resources trying to attract new donors rather than connecting with the donors they have. If a nonprofit spent more of their effort understanding why their donors already donate, they could better concentrate their efforts on those reasons, so as to elicit more donations from the donors already participating. It seems like much more work trying to catch fish who don’t want to be caught, rather than accept the fish jumping into your net.

Go Big, or Go Home

Donors follow the role that major philanthropist play, especially when they see billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates donate millions of their fortunes to just one charity or nonprofit. Therefore, nonprofits should clearly define their goals and express how they would like to see the world in order to attract donors willing to put up the big bucks. This, in turn, will lead to an increase in a number of small donations from more donors.

Not for Profit? Not a Problem!KEEP IT CONFIDENTIAL

Recent massive-scale hacks have left many nonprofits, as well as big businesses and state governments, fearful that their site’s security may be at stake. A breach in any part of a nonprofit’s site would terrify donors because their personal info and financial information may be at risk – and could scare off potential donations! Therefore, it is very important that nonprofits and charities maintain the highest standard of cyber security to reassure donors of their confidentiality.

We know you nonprofits are out there trying to save the world, and that is quite the task. Without you, who knows what a dark, cold world we could be living in. That is why Puzzle Pieces Marketing wants you to know that it’s not a problem for us, that you are a not-for-profit!