Marketing that leaves a Mark

Feel like your marketing campaigns fall flat or don’t bring in as many customers as you were expecting? We’ve all been there and know that feeling of wasting cash that could be better spent elsewhere. If this person is you, then you are in luck because Puzzle Pieces Marketing has compiled another great set of tips and tricks to help you in your marketing endeavors!Content that Contents

Most content on the web is usually text or video, but now, interactive content is what reels in the engagement. Content like Buzzfeed’s numerous quizzes and tests prove that people online want to engage with their content of choice, and not just read some boring article. It makes sense that consumers would want to gain something for their valuable engagement because it is so in-demand these days. Marketers should be advised to create content that not only excites the reader, it gives them a chance to interact with it in some way.

Mobile Video Takeover

Just like me, I’m sure that you’ve noticed the massive change that is happening to Facebook. Instead of poke wars, FB games, and quizzes that seem to populate your news feed, it’s now filled with video, after video, AFTER VIDEO. For the first time in history, mobile video consumption has outpaced desktop video views. Obviously, people seem to gravitate toward watching something over reading something (except this blog, of course!). This is a huge indicator to marketers because it tells them that they need to invest in some serious camera equipment if they want to continue marketing on Facebook.

SnapchatQuick Content

Who would have ever thought that with the advances in technology and social media, people would want to see MORE content in LESS time? Indeed, Snapchat has proven that small snippets of content are more appealing than a Spielberg-esque video. It actually makes sense because we, as an internet people, used to rapid-fire consumption, are losing our attention-span and can’t handle anything longer than a traffic light interval. Marketing experts should focus on tightening their message and condensing their content into the shortest duration possible.

Marketing doesn’t have to be difficult and dull. By using these great tips and techniques, you can upgrade your marketing and draw in even larger amounts of customers. Puzzle Pieces Marketing always strives to help your marketing leave a mark!