In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, we’ve outlined some lessons that St. Patrick can teach us about marketing


St. Patrick made a name for himself that continues to inspire many today. Are there lessons to be learned from his works that we can incorporate into our marketing strategies? Let’s find out…

Establish Yourself as an Expert

St. Patrick studied to become an expert in his field. Today it’s much easier to learn about any subject but much more difficult to establish yourself as an expert.

One of the most successful ways to establish yourself as an expert is to publish high-quality content about your subject matter on a consistent basis.

Encourage Your Audience to Share

Create something engaging, simple, and memorable and people will love to share your content. St. Patrick’s followers were able to share the shamrock analogy he used to describe the Holy Trinity with their friends and family, helping St. Patrick spread his ideas.

What’s your shamrock analogy? Give your audience an engaging message to share and encourage them to share it on multiple channels.

Convert Your Audience

St. Patrick’s true purpose was to convert the people of Ireland to a new faith. Without a strong conversion strategy, your readers may leave you site and never return without converting.

Conversion doesn’t necessarily mean selling. Your conversion strategy might be to ask them to click a link for more information, fill out a survey, or sign up for your newsletter.

Build Strong Communities

Your content can become a rallying point for a great idea that creates a strong following and a community of like-minded people. Spend some time thinking deeply about what service you offer your clients and what problem it helps them solve.

On St. Patrick’s Day, there’s a touch of Irish everywhere that celebrate Irish traditions and customs. These customs are rallying points for celebrating, promoting, and preserving the Irish culture.  Well written content can also build a community of loyal customers and result in your audience acting as brand ambassadors for your company.


Map out your strategy and get a sense of mission into your marketing program. Marketing is a long-term process. The most successful strategies are those that are thought out and well planned. Your best bet is to develop a marketing strategy and stick to it.

Centuries later, we can only guess what strategies St. Patrick had in mind. But this much we know is true: he spent his entire adult life preaching and writing about his faith for the purpose of converting Ireland.


How is your business celebrating St. Patrick’s Day? Contact Us and we can help you develop a cohesive marketing strategy