The business card is often tantamount to a first impression, you want to make sure it best represents who you are and what you have to offer.  Consider these quick business card tips to help you create a business cards that represents both your business and your brand, while marketing to your target audience.

What information should you include?

Of course your name, title and contact information should appear on the card, but what else? The trick is to include all the details without creating information overload. In this digital age, your business card isn’t the be-all, end-all source for your information. Think of it more as the key to unlock all the information that’s out there about you and your organization. Make it simple, make it make an impression.

Knowing Your Audience

While printing techniques are advancing and detailing evolves the “cool factor” will only take you so far. One of the most obvious business card tips is that “too much” can be a quick turnoff. Be sure your card is easily accessible and readable, and take into consideration your preferred client. If you are marketing to seniors, consider the size of your text, or a young adult may be drawn to a vibrant flashy card. Business cards are always associated with a memory, so strive to leave a positive impact and your card with not be tossed.

Digital and IRL

While business cards are a great tool, paper cards can’t be updated, shared, tweeted and embedded in all the places you want to be seen. Keeping your business cards handy is always a good idea, but remember that it’s much more of a portal to your online presence than it’s ever been before. While your in-person interaction is what’s really going to make an impression on whomever your giving your business card to, the card can help remind them of that positive interaction.

Puzzle Pieces Marketing can help you create the perfect business card, be it digital or old fashioned, our cards stands out and intrigue the mind.