Everyone loves to win cool stuff and as any business owner knows, free stuff is the coolest. Reward your dedicated blog readers with a special gift and show your appreciation by making sure that gift is something everyone will want.


When you take a step back and stop thinking of this as a marketing tool and more as a Thank You for your loyalty, the entire message you send will change, and your customers will notice.

As a rule when saying thank you keep in mind the following: Instead of giving away a bunch of little prizes, make it one big one. You can always send thank you incentives after but the biggest gift should be the most limited.


Here are some great giveaways for any budget:


Approximately $100

Digital Camera

Ipod (nano)

All Inclusive Dinner & a Movie package

Theme Park tickets

Under $500

Flat Screen TV


Harbor Cruise Tickets

Shopping Spree




Vacation Package


Ultimately, the best reward is your product or service because it is a win-win for you and the customer. Just make sure that there is value in your gift and the reward is significant enough to encourage potential customers to join in as well.