San Diego County Fair

It’s that time of year again! The San Diego County Fair started with a bang on Friday, June 2nd. Loads of people will enter its gates with excitement and money to spend on rides, merchandise, and yes, all the bizarre food everyone talks about!

Even though the deep fried ice cream and the bacon wrapped pickles are a huge part of why the fair is so popular, there are other reasons why the fair is so extravagant. It is the annual themes and sponsorships they have! Coming from a marketing standpoint, the San Diego County Fair is not easy to plan; it takes a lot of different companies to provide the fair with high attendance rates and exciting things to do for people of all ages. So what makes the fair so successful? The power of marketing and business of course! The overall theme, the small businesses, and the sponsors are a big part in attracting all the fair-goers into their direction.

Every year, the San Diego County Fair has a theme to make every year different and to make the activities new and exciting. When you plan an event, it is a great idea to have an overall theme that coincides with it, because it sets the mood and tone for the event itself. The theme should incorporate into everything: the activities, the merchandise, the decorations, and the overall experience. In past years, the SD Fair has had interactive activities and a big convention hall dedicated to the theme of the fair that year. Last year, “Alice and Wonderland” was the theme. The colors purple and green were incorporated all throughout the fair and the convention hall had a big topsy turbey table that mimicked the Mad Hatter’s table in the Alice and Wonderland movie. The theme affects the whole event and sets up what activities and mood the event will possess. This “Wild Wild West” theme should bring the fair-goers a fun and wild experience with western components incorporated throughout the fair. It will be the wildest fair in the wilderness!

Many businesses take part in making the fair as popular as it is. There are 3 convention halls that contain a variety of merchandise for people to browse and feast their wandering eyes at. Countless number of businesses pay to put up a stand to sell merchandise to the fair-goers. These convention halls are usually packed because people want to see all the different things the businesses are selling. Infact, there are people that just go to the fair to walk around the halls and get some good deals on the things they want. These small, usually local, businesses drive people here because of the diverse and unique products that are being sold at these convention halls. You can’t help but be curious!

Lastly, sponsors are very important when it comes to huge events like this. Companies pay to provide different publicity tactics to get noticed.Their logos are posted around the fair, announced at various places, and have activities and stages that are named after them. In reality, about one-third of the population of San Diego walks the fair grounds. Last year, a whopping 1,609,481 people attended the fair last year. That makes the San Diego County Fair the 5th largest fair in the nation, the largest county fair in the United States, and the largest fair in California, which means that this fair is a fantastic way to get your company noticed.

This is a new year and here at Puzzle Pieces Marketing, we hope that the fair gets a higher amount of attendees because the San Diego County Fair is one of the most exciting events that San Diego has to offer! With fun rides, enjoyable games, and concerts galore, who could pass it up?! If you want more information on attending the fair, click here! We hope that all the amazing businesses that sponsor and publicize at the fair do well in their sales and get noticed! They put in a lot of effort to make the fair what it is today. Happy Fairing Everybody!