Web designer and web development are most of the times treated as one and the same by many people. This is where it is necessary to understand the major difference between the two. Design of the website deals with what the viewer sees on the website and website development is all about the functionality. Hence, design gives look and feel to the website whereas development gives user experience to the website. Both of these are significant factors in making a website successful in the Dot Com world. A website should generally consist of the following aspects:

Visual Appeal

  • First and foremost is the visual appeal of the website. The graphics, the color scheme, the placements of the navigation elements must be placed aesthetically to give it proper look and feel.  Primarily this area is taken care of by a web designer and a graphic designer. They decide on the color scheme of the website and the graphics to place on it. The images pertaining to the businesses are generally preferred. The look and the feel of the website created by them should make the user want to come back to the website again and again.

Persuasive Information

  • Secondly, a website contains all the information regarding the products or business or services that the website owner is involved in. The writing of the content is also done according to the requirement of the designer. The designer before making the website design already has the estimation of content required and thereby they keep that content space while designing. The content of the website should be persuasive enough for the viewers to indulge into the buying or using the services of the website owner. At the same time, it should contain clearly detailed information about the website but in an attractive manner.
  • Thirdly, a website contains the various web pages that deal with different aspects of the website owner’s business or services. Navigating form one page to the other, the interactive features on all web pages are all included in the functionality of the website. Functionality of website also includes flash animation, JavaScript programming, and the entire working of the backend of the website. All the applications and other programs are to be integrated by the developer into a single HTML code of each web page on the website.

Usability and User Experience

  • Fourth aspect is the usability of the website. This deals with the usefulness of the website and is inclusive of smooth functioning of the various features from the viewer’s perspective. A viewer needs a great look and feel of the website and the smooth navigation of it. The usability feature checks and assures this aspect of the website.

Website design concerns itself with providing the proper look and feel to the website and the content creation. Website development concerns itself with the smooth functioning and usability of the website. Hence, a successful website can be created with a proper co-ordination of both designer and the developer, but that does not mean that it is one and the same.