Disclaimer: These tips are great for any newsletter and we are in no way affiliated with constant contact, other than the fact we use it and love it. Feel free to use these with your favorite enews letter templates.


  • Cross Promote
    • Team up with other business owners and guest post on eachothers newsletters. At the end of each article, invite readers to join your email list.
  • Use Incentives
    • Hold a prize drawing open to new people who join your list—like the fishbowl for business cards by restaurant cash registers! Announce the winner by email.
  • Use mobile apps for on-the-go sign ups
    • Use your smartphone to collect contacts at networking events, seminars, and everywhere else. Constant contact and MailChimp both offer free apps.
  • ·        Use your email signature
    • o   Create a link to your sign up and add it to your signature on everything including emails, blogs and forum posts.


Make sure it’s as easy as possible for new customers to sign up for your newsletter. Constant contact offers some great tools and social media add-ons. Have you checked out our link on Facebook?