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Resounding Joy, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit that uses principles and approaches developed from professional music therapy practice. They offer music therapy, music education, merchandise, supportive music, volunteer opportunities, and more to enhance the human experience with therapeutic applications of music. They uplift individuals and families with challenging conditions, help them achieve their goals, and support health and wellness throughout the community.

We worked our web design magic to create a captivating online presence for our client. Through innovative layouts, eye-catching visuals, and seamless user experience, we crafted a website that not only showcased their brand beautifully but also left visitors spellbound. Our expertise in website design transformed their online platform into a powerful tool that elevated their business and left a lasting impression on their audience.
The digital annual report created a platform to captivate, surprise and intrigue their audience. We were able to deliver an entirely different and immersive user experience to bring their content to life with an interactive design. The project created a unique platform for Resounding Joy to tell their story and demonstrate the impact they make.

Media engagement & management services included:

  • Media Outreach and Management
  • Radio and television media coordination
  • Press Releases – Copywriting
  • Media kit assembly, distribution and tracking