email marketing tips

As we approach year’s end, we can look back on an exciting year, and the momentum is bound to carry us into 2017. In looking at your company, how has it been performing? Businesses all over the world will be conducting a thorough analysis of their marketing efforts in this past year to determine what can be maintained, omitted, or added into their strategies for next year. As we all know, effective marketing is essential for success in business. However, not all marketing efforts are equal and the types you choose can either hinder or help you in your quest to succeed.

In determining which marketing strategies best suit your industry and your particular operation, one stands out as universally effective, Email Marketing. This type of marketing uses well-written content to directly convey a relevant message that would interest an existing or potential customer base. End of Year (EOY) email marketing is among the most important forms of marketing for businesses. It is designed to be thoughtful and helpful to recipients. When done exceptionally well, it can stimulate new business while enhancing customer retention.

Your clients or customers are going to check their email at least once a day. When they do, they see tons of pitches, ideas and deals from everyone they do business with. What, if anything, are you doing differently to grab their attention? Are your efforts at email marketing having a positive effect on your customer relationships? To promote a better relationship with your customers we’ve compiled some tips for EOY email messages you can send out to existing customers and to help inspire a growth in new clients:

  1. 1. Do not bury your customers in a lot of unnecessary information on a regular basis. The End of Year email messages you send out should be relevant, informative, succinct and pleasing to read. The difference between spam and a legitimate email isn’t always clear, but depends on the relevance of the content and how you construct your message.
  1. 2. Never lend, rent or swap your email list. If someone trusts you with their email address, it is only because they have confidence in your intent to respect their privacy. They have agreed to receive messages from you about your products and services. The fastest way to get “unsubscribed” and build a bad reputation is by breaching your customers’ trust in you.
  1. 3. If you can, try and send interactive messages. Customers and associates are open to hearing from you, but they want to feel as if you’re open to hearing from them as well. You will shut customers down if your tone is lecturing or in any way condescending. The idea is to engage your customers in conversation, an ongoing dialogue.
  1. 4. The key is personalization. Each and every customer wants to be treated as if they’re someone valuable and important to you. For people to want to invest their time and money in your products and/or services, you must first treat them with respect and as unique individuals whom you care about. When emailing your associates, show them you’re interested in what they’re doing by mentioning a change to their website or an article they posted on their blog. Relationships, both personal and in business, are a two-way street. Don’t forget this.

You are responsible for the kinds of relationships you build with your customers and associates. These relationships must be nurtured. An EOY email campaign is a very effective way of doing this. Think about your message, proofread and meticulously edit it and don’t forget to end it with a warm call to action.

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