As an adjunct to our previous networking tip, “Working the Room – Approaching Others” here are some additional tips on how to use networking to effectively marketing yourself and your business.

You’ve introduced yourself and you’ve had a good conversation with someone, but the meetings finished and you know instinctively it’s time to move on…what do you do?

Be prepared to move on, it’s all part of effective business networking – once you feel that you have gained all you need from your new connection it is time to move on to the next person– remember that the other person will probably be feeling the same way too.

Move on by:

  • suggesting you go and get a drink or something to eat
  • by introducing them to someone else asking them to introduce you to someone else you know
  • saying ‘I know your time is precious so I shall let you continue networking’
  • saying ‘thank you for your time…perhaps we could arrange a meeting another time when we can talk at greater length’
  • if all else fails just say ‘well shall we go and introduce ourselves to some more people now?’