Today was like any other day when I woke up, walked to the coffee shop, and returned back home to my computer. I sat down, and after a few sips of my java, I realized a new feature in Google+ was added! At first glance, I was excited to finally be able to really get a nice grasp on the amount of viewers for my profile page, posts, and photos. I also can’t be too modest, I gave myself a little pat on the back, considering I had only been active on Google+ for a short time.

Then, after a few more sips, I sort of came to an epiphany or, perhaps, some would refer to it as the “ah-ha moment.” I started questioning a lot of ideas, algorithms (the formula to Google Life), and the people (Google Gods) that are constantly changing things every single time we believe we have a better hold on SEO, Google Rankings, or just the overall logistics and analytics of it all. It hit me: GOOGLE+ HAS TAKEN AWAY THE +1 COUNT AND REPLACED IT WITH VIEWS? At this point, as my mind is running rapidly on so many thoughts fueled by coffee, I start pondering what all this actually means or does it even matter. I blamed it on my caffeine intake. Maybe, I was in denial.

So, what does this change mean for your business profile page on Google+ or does it even matter? We can all admit that when you visit business profiles, there have been those times you might think to yourself that their +1’s were a little scant or nothing to boast upon. Therefore, most would consider that business didn’t have that great of content, weren’t targeting the correct audience, or just didn’t understand the Google+ social media game.

It could better to have a more holistic approach displaying both the number of views and the +1’s. If you look at it in this way: some businesses with 2X viewers than others, had the same +1’s (able to compare this because Google had not updated the mobile versions as of yet) or lower. To me, half the +1’s AND 2-3X the views, in this case, could mean that your content isn’t as engaging or the time of day you’re posting isn’t the best for your business. Unfortunately, your business page is being judged regardless if it is by views or +1’s, but it would be nice for businesses to have the option of +1 total count to be displayed.

As far as I can see, it could be something we all just have to get used to. As we all know, some accept change and adapt a little better than others. However, the reality is: It might just make some ripples (no pun) we can’t quite determine or hypothesize as of yet. As usual, reasons it may or may not be a good idea, of course, are all in the days to come. Only time will tell (and SEO and Rankings and mental breakdowns and broken algorithms and followers sweeping into the cyber wind for 72 hours and wondering WHY HAVE THE GOOGLE GODS TAKETH AWAY THE +1 Total? etc etc…..)