Following the launch of their viral video marketing campaign, “Will it Blend?” in which nonfood items were blended in the company’s blenders, Blendtec’s videos had over 6 million views and an increase in blender retail sales of 700%. The idea was the brainchild of George Wright, Blendtec’s vice president of marketing, who got excited about Tom Dickinsin’s extraordinary testing methods in order to assure the quality of his products.


Watch the video and let us know what you think makes this idea a success.


Why do some things take off while others fade away or fall flat? What did Blendtec do that made their campaign a success?

  • They aligned with the right social networks and some leading bloggers to help them carry their message to the masses.
  • The campaign provided Blendtec an incredible media outreach opportunity and generated PR buzz. This happened through third party endorsements with their engagement of bloggers and the social media community. It was not a prescribed expensive advertisement campaign.
  • Finally, the breakthrough of this campaign required a good idea… something people would find interesting, eye catching, and “sharable”


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