Often times a business’ customer base is built on referrals from past clients. A key to marketing your business, growing your base, and securing repeat business from existing clients is staying on top of mind when people need to use your service. While Facebook serves as an excellent opportunity for you to distribute information about your products and services to the community, it’s an even better environment for your fans to share their thoughts with others and thus allowing them to promote the brand for you.

Lets take a look at some of the benefits of having a Facebook fan page:


Facebook fan pages provide businesses with the opportunity to connect and communicate with customers and promote their business for free.

2. Targeted Marketing

Fan pages offer statistics that allows you to to track metric such as how many fans you have and demographics such as age, gender and location as well as likes and comments on your wall. This will allow you to target marketing based on the demographics of those fans that are most active on your page.

3. Instant Communication

Want to disseminate information quickly? Updates to your Facebook fan pages display in your fan’s “newsfeed” allowing you to communicate useful and important information to your online community quickly. What other medium allows you to communicate directly with your customers?

4. Broad Consumer Reach

Facebook appeals to a variety of people across demographics. 83% of consumers age 18-34 have a Facebook account as do 61% of those age 35-54 and 48% of those age 55+. Consider these statistics from Facebook:

–  More than 400 million active users

–  50% of active users log on to Facebook in any given day

–  Average user has 130 friends

–  People spend over 500 billion minutes per month on Facebook

When you succeed in developing a Facebook page that provides value, it serves the purpose of strengthening your brand, positioning yourself as an expert in your field, your fans become more engaged, and they’re also more likely to refer their friends.

Below are some tips to provide value and make your Facebook Fan Page work for you:

1. Create Exclusive Coupons and Discounts

37% of Facebook users cute coupons and discount offers as among the primary reasons they join a fan page. Create promotions that are available to only those that are fans. (Check out The Daily Piece Facebook fan page. They provide exceptional discounts for their Facebook friends and family)

2. Update often

One of the best ways to support word-of-mouth promotions about your page is to update it often. Keep adding free and valuable content.

3. Interact with and solicit fan engagement

Marketing your business involves building and sustaining relationships. It is vital that you interact with your fans, participate in the discussions and answer any questions on a regular basis.

4. Publish relevant content

It’s incredibly important to provide interesting and engaging content to you readers. Take time to update your status with interesting facts about your industry.


What are some of your favorite Facebook fan pages? What do the pages do and feature that make them so effective? What tools will you incorporate into your page?