Remember in this day of Social Media, customers have a great influence and input on how others see your business. We hope that customers will have nothing but rave reviews to share but not all feedback you receive is going to be positive. An important thing to keep in mind when dealing with customer input, both positive and negative, is that your business needs to have a policy in place. While all situations are likely to be different, it is good to be consistent with your online customer responses. One thing that customers seek from a business is consistency. If how you handle such matters is all over the board, you are likely to come across as ineffective, not knowing what you are doing, and out of touch with your audience.

It’s also never a bad idea to learn from others.  Scan the internet and see how others including the competition handles negative customer remarks. By doing so, you get an idea of the type of responses that get the best feedback.

Attached is a wonderful article on how to best respond to negative input.