Video is a way for people to connect with you – not just your products and services. By incorporating video into your overall marketing strategy, your company provides your audience the opportunity to see what you do. In addition, video is social. If it’s good, people will share it.  Old Spice’s infamous video marketing campaign began with pragmatic TV ads, which later went viral on YouTube.

What Old Spice did right was they made is social. They launched a follow-up program to their TV ads in which Mustafa recorded funny videos in response to fans, bloggers and messages from their Twitter influencers. By Tweeting back to a mix of both well know bloggers and every day folks the company allowed many people to feel like they were a part of the appeal and ultimately became invested in the campaign’s success.


As a result, according to reports from The Nielsen Company, Old Spice recognized a 107% sales increase over over a 1 month period in 2010 and saw an increase of 55% over three months in the same year. Individual products that were slipping in sales saw spikes after actor Isaiah Mustafa promoted the products in the TV and Internet video ads.

How Puzzle Pieces Marketing completes the picture:

We will work with you to set up a time when we can capture positive reviews from your loyal clients on video. The goal is to build a referral base through video shares on popular sites like Vimeo and Youtube. As each customer takes on celebrity status among their friends, your sphere of influence will grow and top of mind awareness will jump start a strong social media presence.

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