Every person wants to make their mark on the world.  Some people believe they can do this by starting a business to accomplish the change they wish to see.  This is exactly what Puzzle Pieces Marketing’s president, Angel Mason Broadus did.  At Puzzle Pieces Marketing, the mark we leave is directed primarily towards the community of San Diego.

We are the MisFits with creative and unique marketing and public relations ideas, as well as philanthropic superpowers.  In any given week, our MisFits are attending charity and fundraising events, volunteering at local nonprofits and working tirelessly to keep San Diego America’s Finest City.  

So what mark does Puzzle Pieces Marketing leave?  We are the MisFits that fit perfectly into any puzzle.  We help solve the problems in San Diego by lending a helping hand and serving the underprivileged communities in any way we can.  The MisFits that any small business and nonprofit can rely on to take their brand to the next level.  Our team may be small, but our actions are transformative.

Everyone leaves a mark on this world, some big and some small.  The goal is not to change the world on a massive scale, but rather strive to help a cause you are passionate about, in any way you can.  What mark will you leave?