The Super Bowl being the NFL’s biggest sporting event, routinely drawing more than 100 million viewers, it is the biggest single event stage for advertisers. This year’s competition between the New York Giants and New England Patriots, airing Sunday at 6:30 p.m. ET on NBC, is going to be the most socially connected in football history. In addition the Internet and social media are playing an important role and can be an incredibly useful marketing tool for advertisers.

The New York Giants ran a number of promotions built entirely around social media. The team installed a button on their website to allow fans to follow more than a dozen players on Twitter with one click. They had a player shooting behind-the-scenes footage — but 10,000 new fans have to “Like” the team’s Facebook page to unlock each day’s content. They are even hosting a “Social Media Night” on Thursday, in which a number of players will participate in a live webcast from the team hotel, answering fan questions sent via Twitter and Facebook. Four more players are hosting exclusive Google+ Hangouts, each with five chosen fans who joined their Google+ Circles.

The Super Bowl, for the first time, set up a Super Bowl Command Center. A team of social media strategists and technical experts will situate themselves in a 2,800 square foot facility and monitor the conversation on Facebook and Twitter and other social media platforms to interact with the expected 150,000 people who will be in Indianapolis for the game. They will help them find parking, perform other helpful tasks and be on hand in the case of an emergency.

If you’re not in Indianapolis watching it up close and personal, how are some ways you can Stay Connected?

As a football fan and consumer, below are some ways you can use the Internet and Social Media to stay connected and engage during this years game.

  • Watch Online: The game will be the first Super Bowl that you can watch online. NBC is going to stream the game live.

Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus will play a big part in this event.

  • Follow on Twitter: 
    • The official Super Bowl Twitter Account
    • New York Giants on Twitter
    • New England Patriots on Twitter
    • There are ten different official hashtags, including #superbowl, #superbowl46 , #XLVI, #patriotsvsgiants, #giantsvspatriots, #giants, #patriots, #superbowlindy, and any combination of the team names
  • Like on Facebook:
    • the official Facebook page of the 2012 Indianapolis Super Bowl Host Committee. Status updates include the “find your perfect Super Bowl XLVI event by using the Super Bowl XLVI Event Finder” and links to “The Super Bowl Teammate Rally Fan Cam is available! Find and tag yourself, your family and friends”
    • the official Facebook account of the NFL New York Giants.
    • the official team Facebook page of the NFL New England Patriots
  • Connect on Google +:
With all that being said, there are several options and ways to stay connected. You can even watch Super Bowl XLVI online but you might risk missing some of the best commercials. Technorati gives us a list and let’s you view some of the best Super Bowl Commercials of all time. Come back and tell us which ones were your favorites this year.