Small Business Marketing Tips are all about attracting big audiences without spending lots of money.

This small business marketing tip comes from Gary Hayman, the founder and CE-Yo of Stonyfield Yoghurt. (I just love that stuff!)

I heard Gary give the keynote speech at the last New York Times, American Express  Small Business Summit Conference. He said something I’ll never forget.

Stonyfield struggled for years before it was able to gain enough customers to be profitable. He said the longest distance to a customer was the last five inches to their lips.

He knew if customers sampled the product, they’d be hooked. He was so right! The texture is better than the mass  produced stuff and the flavor is out of this world.

So how did he get the samples out? He and his friends put up big signs on the side of the road around rush hour saying “Hungry? Free yogurt!”. They gave out samples in large grocery stores.

They gave out free samples in specialty stores. They spent the money not on advertising, but on sampling. That’s what you need to do too.

If you have something you can offer for free so people can “sample” your goods or services, do it.

Why do you think all these websites offer “Free Whitepapers”? They want you to sample their analysis, thinking, experience, wisdom, advice so you’ll buy something more valuable from them.

When you allow people the opportunity to sample before they buy, you build trust. You also do something even more important;  you reduce the purchasing risk for that customer when they finally do buy.

Don’t underestimate this small business marketing tip. Find a way your potential audience can sample your products or services before they buy. That’s why we offer FREE small business training videos so you can see how important and valuable the video training library is for small business owners like you.