For those that that haven’t heard of Pinterest, it’s a virtual pinboard of interesting things. Users find something they like and Pin it to one of their Boards for others to see, comment on and re-pin (or “share”). What’s special about Pinterest from a marketing viewpoint is how fast it is attracting attention and gaining momentum.

However, before you decide that you MUST set up an account for your business and start pinning, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  1. Pinterest is VISUAL. If you’re Real Simple magazine or a pediatric staffing company, Pinterest is a great fit. If your organization is the professional society for a medical profession or some kind of trade, maybe not so much.
  2. Pinterest users are primarily female. According to Alexa, 54-70% of Pinterest users are female. Go check out Pinterest if you haven’t already and it’s pretty obvious the majority of users are female. Consider your target marketing. Is your organization’s key demographic female?
  3. Do the products and/or services your company provides be articulated through images? Not just photos from conferences or other standard corporate images, but truly artistic and eye catching photos? Are those images housed on your website, or on other sites? If one of the main business benefits of Pinterest is driving traffic back to websites, if the images shared on Pinterest are stored on websites that don’t belong to your organization, it won’t drive traffic back to your site.
But if you have retail business, Pinterest my be the place for you. Check out the article and infographic to learn more