Getting the word out is always a tricky task to take on, especially in this day and age of “fake news”. Now, not only do you have to worry about putting the right spin on your story, but you have to make sure that you aren’t labeled “fake”. If any of these things make you feel all worked up, fear not! Puzzle Pieces Marketing is committed to fighting counterfeit news and all its irreparable harm with 3 PR tips for success that will keep your press releases from being called into question, or even called “SAD” from certain influencers.

Fake News

PR & The News: A Perfect Match

PR firms and journalists have a very symbiotic relationship; they always have because they both benefit from each other. Journalists are always looking for a scoop or a great story and PR representatives are vigilantly awaiting a chance to pitch their story in a favorable light. In the era of “Fake News”, journalists will be the at the forefront of the battle for truth. As leaks and sources continually spring up from White House, journalists must act ethically and with accountability in order to gain back trust from a deeply suspicious public. PR firms must also act within the same boundaries in order to gain authenticity and support.

Authority Figures

Continuing with this theme of authenticity brings us to third-party research – stuff that you can ACTUALLY trust! As suspicions and confusion run rampant, every PR and Media company strives to gain the authority of a third party seal of approval. Although many think tanks, universities, and nonprofits have biases, their information is universally hailed as being accurate. PR departments should strive to seek out these entities, especially if they are recognizable and trustworthy.

Twitter: The New Press Release

Twitter LogoLastly, traditional Press Releases have met their demise due to increased use of Twitter or corporate-run blogs. In the past, Press Releases were the go-to tool for any PR representative, but now that information (or, sadly, misinformation) can be easily sent straight to a competent journalist who writes for a publication read by your audience. Furthermore, if you are a well known and much-frequented website, you can post your news in a blog and bypass traditional media completely. This method is incredibly practical because it draws more traffic to your site and negates the consequences of duplicate content that a press release normally creates.

PR has risen in importance this past year due to the overwhelming amount of missteps taken by major companies like Pepsi and American Airlines. PR departments must be constantly vigilant for any growing controversies and must keep their ear to the ground regarding the constantly changing internet dialogue that exists daily. Luckily, Puzzle Pieces Marketing has your back in the fight to bring your story to light!