The written word is perhaps more important than ever in today’s crowded marketplace. Whether on a Website or in print, the marketing message is vital to changing readers into prospects… and prospects into paying customers. But creating world-class marketing collateral often requires outside talent.

With its attractive advantages, marketing outsourcing might be assumed to be a logical choice for nearly every company looking to grow its business.

Here’s 10 reasons why companies should outsource their marketing efforts:

#10 Your department has limited resources… Few marketing departments are large enough to handle the workload required of them. Writing quality copy takes time—more time than your staff might have even in a 60-hour workweek.

#9 Your people have other priorities… Too many demands are regularly placed on too few resources. Which is why other tasks routinely take priority over producing collateral. And getting some “quiet time” to write can be impossible with a busy meeting schedule.

#8 Some people just can’t write well… Writing requires a certain skill, and some good people are (at best) only mediocre authors. Sorry, but it’s true. The difference between writing and writing well can make all the difference in the marketplace.

#7 Most (normal!) people hate to write… A white paper is too much like a term paper, and an article is too much like an essay for most people’s tastes. So writing is often the least favorite part of the job. Then there’s the dreaded “writer’s block” that so frustrates the task—and devastates worker productivity.

#6 Staff writers are hard to cost-justify… Despite the written word’s vital importance, few marketing departments can afford a full-time writer. And people who write product documentation may or may not have what it takes to produce the compelling copy needed for marketing that same product.

#5 Running out of runway… Deadlines have a way of creeping up—fast! The big launch. The major trade show. The new marketing campaign. So much work with so little time to get it all done. In these situations, outsourcing may be the only way out!

#4 Getting an outside perspective… The insight of an “outsider” can prove quite valuable. New ideas. A freshtake on an old challenge. A whole different way of looking at something. It can make a BIG difference! Take if from the Red Lion Area School District. An additional eye can help save a ton of embarrassment!The Red Lion School District's unfortunate athletic sponsorship sign. The school contact's information has been redacted for his protection — Twitter

#3 Getting specialized talent… Most consultants are specialists. For example, I specialize in writing white papers and contributed articles for computer networking companies. And if humility permits: I’m very good at what I do!

#2 Getting great results… Outsourcing to the right writer is the best way to get the best marketing collateral possible. And doesn’t your company deserve the very best?

#1 Outsourcing is easy…
When done right, outsourcing is easier on your nerves—and easier on your budget!