Puzzle Pieces Marketing truly believes that “misfits can be the best fits” and we know that nonprofits share that view. Our company sincerely cares about our nonprofit clients and wants to help them succeed in their charitable endeavors.  We care SO much that we have compiled this little collection of innovative techniques that a not-for-profit can use to continue their good work!

The Personal Touch

First off, nonprofits have the unique gift of being organizations that can truly appeal to like-minded people with goals or missions that speak to them. In order to truly connect with these agreeing citizens, a non-profit should utilize both digital AND analog techniques. What we mean by this is that old-school methods ARE NOT DEAD! While most charities and nonprofits obsess over their social media accounts, they completely neglect the “social” aspect associated with their goal. This is why non-digital mediums MUST still be used because it shows that your charity has a personal side. So, get out your stationery and favorite pen because it’s time to bring back those uniquely personal “thank you” cards that seem to have fallen out of style.

Tell Me a Story


Human beings have been telling stories before they could even write down the tales being told. Storytelling is in our blood, in our nature, so why wouldn’t a nonprofit have a great story to tell? A great story could be the one reason a donor makes a decision to donate because nothing is as powerful a motivator as a poignant story that tugs at the heartstrings – or fills your blood with agitation until something is done. Stories allow for personal connections to be created between the nonprofit and the donor so they feel less like they are donating for the tax-break, and more like they are donating for a reason.

More Content, Less Waste

Doesn’t it seem like nonprofits send out a whole lot of paper that just ends up irritating you or, more commonly, in the trash? Research proves your assumption to be correct because most nonprofit literature only seeks another donation, without providing any more information about the group itself. It is much more beneficial to send out a flyer detailing how the donations are being spent, rather than seeking more money. Furthermore, this is a perfect opportunity to tell your nonprofit’s story because it is probably much more interesting and engaging than the usual “Donate for a good cause” line, which has gone completely stale.


Even though you are not out there to make a profit, nonprofits can benefit from some of the same techniques that corporate marketers are using with aplomb. Conversely, since you are working to make a difference, you have a distinction that you should never be afraid to use. Puzzle Pieces Marketing wants to keep helping nonprofits as they work towards ensuring that misfits continue to make the best fits!