It’s National Superhero Day!  Teach kids to be a superhero to themselves, their families and their friends!  We have all grown up with a dream of being a superhero, and now we actually have the opportunity to through volunteering with children.  There are so many incredible organizations to volunteer for in San Diego, but one of our favorites is the Boys & Girls Club of San Marcos. Volunteering here could make you a superhero to all the children at the club.  It is so important now, more than ever, to support and help the youth in our community to gain confidence and grow into a successful generation of leaders.  Through volunteering with this organization, you can mentor kids in the area, boost their confidence, and teach them what being a superhero really means.

So what does being a superhero really mean?  No, it does not mean that you can literally fly through the sky, lift trains and cars with ease, shapeshift, or make yourself invisible.  What it does mean, however, is that you are there for anyone who needs you. It means that you lead by example, and show the world that you can be your own superhero, as well as a superhero to your family and friends.  In a child’s life, this may mean pretending a blanket is a cape, and running around the room “flying”, racing trains down the track, and holding them above your head in victory or defeat.  Being a superhero to a child means teaching them how to be a good sport and a kind person, which could, in turn, shapeshift you into a better person as well.  Being a superhero means that you are never invisible to the child, but rather a figure that blends in with society who comes to the foreground and invest in them and their future.  A superhero, in a child’s eyes, is just someone willing to be there for them and help them in whatever they decide to do in life.  The Boys & Girls Club of San Marcos has created a successful event that allows those in the community to fulfill their childhood dreams, and become a superhero to youth.

On April 29th, the Boys & Girls Club of San Marcos is hosting its 38th Annual Auction.  The event includes a live auction, dinner, dessert, live music and a silent auction.  Everyone is encouraged to dress as their favorite superhero disguising their identity.  The proceeds from the event help to fund the programs that the Club offers youth.  Everyone attending is truly a superhero in the eyes of those involved with the Boys & Girls Club of San Marcos.  Your childhood dreams of being in a room filled with real life superheroes come true at this incredible event!

Sponsorship opportunities, ticket purchasing, and donating items:

Contact Danyelle at or call (760) 471-2490 ext. 302 .