National Donate Life Blue and Green Day: Spotlight on Lifesharing San DiegoNational Donate Life Blue and Green Day

Tomorrow is National Donate Life Blue and Green Day, which honors organ and tissue donors, as well as raise awareness about the cause.  Organ and tissue donation is a global cause that is often forgotten.  To help combat this, San Diego has a local nonprofit organization that works exclusively for this incredible and humbling cause.

Lifesharing San Diego is an inspiring nonprofit that works every day in collaboration with Donate Life California and Donate Life America, to find and organize donations to those in need.  Lifesharing was founded as a division of UCSD Medical Center in 1984 and works tirelessly to spread awareness about organ and tissue donation, as well as donation services.  As many do not know a whole lot about organ and tissue donation, here are some quick national and local statistics that can be found on the Lifesharing website:

Nationwide (2016):

Number of people on the waiting list: 117,960

Those who may die waiting for a donation: 39,320

Those waiting under the age of 18: 1,906

Those waiting under the age of 1: 92

Local (2016):

Number of people on the waiting list: 2,207

Lives saved because of donors: 363

Number of Tissue Donors: 471

Those who died waiting for a donation: 78

Most needed Organs in San Diego:

Kidney: 1,944

Liver: 204

We can all watch the news or even Grey’s Anatomy and understand the importance of organ and tissue donation, yet somehow many of us end up tucking the information away in a nice little filing cabinet in the back of our minds. However, organ donations will always be a vital part of the medical world.  The unfortunate reality is that while one patient is receiving a donation, oftentimes, that means a donor’s life has ended. There are countless stories of those who have lost their lives, but a part of them will live on in another.  This is not a cause that many people strive to bring awareness because many people do not feel as though they can while they are living. There is so much more we can do.  We can register to be donors or volunteer.  Organ and tissue donation is not a cause that should go unnoticed or ignored, and Lifesharing San Diego is working to make that happen.
To learn more about Lifesharing and all the incredible work they do, please visit their website,