Participating on forums is one of the most effective and free ways of marketing your business. Still, many people who start using forums make mistakes that will get other forum members to ignore them completely or they break the rules and get banned for good. Here are some simple marketing tips when it comes to getting the most of online forums.

Spending a little time every day on online forums is a great way to get new ideas, connect with others, get answers to questions and also answering questions. You will get the most out of using online forums by sharing as much useful information you can. For instance, if you find a new way of getting lots of traffic to your website, share exactly how you do it instead of keeping it a secret. The more you participate and share helpful and useful information, the more you are going to benefit from it. People are starting to click through to your website, signing up for your newsletter and so on. It works by the simple principle of “give and you will get”.

Here are some simple rules you need to follow in order to get the most of using online forums.

  1. Always read the rules so you will know exactly what you can do and what is not allowed. If you start spamming the forums you will get banned.
  2. Other forum members want to know who you are. Do not hide behind a picture of your pet or an avatar picture. By having a photo of yourself you are showing other members that you have nothing to hide. Being transparent helps other members to connect with you.
  3. Bad language does not work well in online forums and in some cases you can be banned for doing so. Instead, always be polite and kind to other members.
  4. An online forum is for communicating with other members and sharing information. This is not the place  to promote or sell your products or services unless you have permission to do so. Many forums have special threads for advertising.
  5. Forum posts like “nice tips” or “good to know” or similar will not work. Always give as much value as you possibly can. When you do this, other forum members will start listening to you and wanting to learn more about you.
  6. When someone helps you on the forum, it is always a good idea to show some appreciation for their support and say “Thanks”. You can send private or direct messages in most forums.

It is good to remember that an online forum can have hundreds of thousands of members. It is a public place and by following the rules and being helpful you can build serious traffic to your website. I personally know of people who use only forums to build a very successful online business.