Line Art

This style of logo first gained momentum in 2015 and held its appeal for the last few years. Line art is made up of a group of lines of consistent thickness with just one color being incorporated into the design. Brands looking to convey a fun laid back and modern feel often gravitate towards this style. Line art offers a designer a myriad of opportunities to creatively use negative spacing in their designs.


A minimalistic logo follows the design principle of “less is more.” Logos of late have tended to be more complex, louder and even somewhat cluttered in trying to catch the public’s eye. But many times a very simple design can make much more of an impact.

In designing a minimalistic logo, one must keep in mind that it should be practical as well as purposeful. The entire purpose of a brand’s logo is to instantly convey with complete clarity, what the company does.

In viewing a company’s logo, consumers should never have more questions than answers.

Negative Spaces

Negative space logos have become a major trend in 2017. Our logo is a prime example of this.  

The design of a negative space logo has to do with dual-imagery, a style where the logo has positive and negative space competing for attention.


Nostalgic Vintage Style

For whatever reason, vintage designs seem to always catch your eye.

Consumers have memories of the past, which are connected to vivid emotions, and a nostalgic vintage logo will touch them in a way that a contemporary design will not.

A vintage logo also seems more authentic and for some reason carries more authority in the marketplace.

Many graphic designers are being drawn to the nostalgia of the past and their customers are responding, so this trend is set to continue. One thing to be concerned about is that a vintage logo can sometimes portray a brand as “stuck in the past” or outdated. This perception can be very damaging, so when going for a vintage logo, make sure that it looks current.


Hand-drawn logos gained popularity in 2016 and have become even more popular in 2017.

This trend has been particularly popular in the hospitality industry among restaurants and coffee shops, whose business owners tend to want to project an independent and unique brand that is also funky while being chic.

A logo that has been hand drawn feels authentic and warm. It tends to show personality and these attributes are not easy to convey using computer graphics.


There are millions of brands out there all competing for consumers, therefore it is very important that companies create the right image, and that means having a top quality logo that helps consumers know your brand and what it stands for.

When you use a professional graphics design company that specializes in logo design you will be working with graphic designers who know and follow the trends while maintaining their basic philosophy and approach to design, while doing all they can to stay ahead of their competition.

 If you want to build a brand that consumers will recognize, one whose message they will understand and resonate with them, contact us today for help designing your logo.