Were you aware that the Products & Services tab on your LinkedIn Company page will be removed on April 14, 2014? What does this mean for your page?

  • LinkedIn will remove the Products and Services tab from your Company Page.
  • Once the tab is removed, your products and services will be removed with it.
  • You cannot add any additional Services to your company page

What LinkedIn is saying is that while the Products & Services feature is going away, companies can get more visibility for their services by using Showcase Pages and Company Updates as an alternative for sharing content.

The limitations with the Showcase pages:

  • Can only have 200 characters to describe the page.
  • Each company page can only support up to 10 Showcase Pages regardless of how many products and services you want to feature
Until April 14, 2014, you can edit existing products and services, but the ability to add new products and services has already been disabled.

What about any recommendations you have?

Company Page Administrators can recover Products & Services Recommendations directly from the tab by copying the information into your own document.

Take the time to transfer your Products and Services information over to LinkedIn’s Company Showcase Page option now before the feature is deleted on April 14, 2014.

If you’re currently using the Services Tab on LinkedIn, what are your thoughts on this change?