If you are operating a nonprofit, you obviously know that the donor is imperative to your nonprofit’s success. Every nonprofit strives to make a meaningful connection with their donors. This can be a rewarding, yet challenging experience for most nonprofit marketers. Puzzle Pieces Marketing understands this challenge and wants to share some of its tried-and-true techniques so that you can really vibe with your donors!

White HouseThe New Administration Effect

The election of Donald Trump as president sent reverberations throughout the nonprofit community, especially those involved in the environment and women’s health. Directly after Trump’s induction into the presidency, many of these nonprofits and charities reported steep increases in donations. What remains to be seen is whether this amount of donations will continue at this pace. If your nonprofit is engaged in these areas, it is time for you to shine because you will have ample opportunities to show your donors that it is time to get serious!

Talk TO Donors, Not AT Them

It’s 2017. Nonprofits cannot expect donors to be running to them with their checkbooks open wide. Instead, they will have to talk with the donors and meet them where they’re at. The old model of building it and expecting them to come is dead. Now, nonprofits need the donors help in building it, with the bonus of hearing the donors’ opinion. Communication with your donors creates that valued connection which is formed when donors recognize that their voice is being heard. Luckily, social media sites provide the perfect medium for a discussion between nonprofits and their donors!

What Do You Know?But What do You Know?

Donors are increasingly asking what their donations will do, and unsuccessful nonprofits are left answerless. With the rise of big data and predictive analysis, nonprofits should have an answer to that question. Those who still respond with, “I think…” will be left behind for those who can honestly say, “I know…”. By having answers ready for a donor, the charity will be better positioned as an authority, thereby instilling more confidence in the donor. You know what they say, “An informed and confident donor is a happy and productive donor.” Really connecting with a donor is hard work. Trust us, we know! But that connection is what really sets a charity or nonprofit apart from its competitors because the work really makes a difference – and people want to be connected to that! Puzzle Pieces Marketing knows that what nonprofits and charities accomplish truly changes the world for the better. This is why we want you to learn from us, so that you can really connect with your donors and continue on your benevolent mission!