Let’s get down to Business to Business

Although marketing seems like it would just be an art practiced by businesses trying to attract consumers, it is equally important to woo potential business customers with some of the same techniques. Puzzle Pieces Marketing has not forgotten about you B2B marketers, and we have come prepared with some tips and tricks that can help you attract that big client!

Customer Experience Balancing Act

One of the biggest developments in B2B marketing has been the transition from the customer-centric model of service into the customer-focused model. Don’t worry, this new model isn’t following the Silicon Valley technique of giving you less for more. In fact, it’s meant to do the opposite; instead of strictly viewing your customer as a long-term relationship and only focusing on the bottom line, the customer-focused model praises completion of short-term goals in pursuit of the end goal. Customers want to know that you care about their little achievements because those are what make success possible.


Visualization Drives Lead Generation 

B2B marketing is a completely different beast from its more prominent consumer marketing brother, but that doesn’t mean that some of the same techniques don’t carry over. One trend that is permeating across the boundary separating the two marketing fields is the use of visual content. Just like their consumer counterparts, business marketers enjoy seeing visually appealing content that applies to them. Research has shown that B2B marketers are just as perceptible to a good infographic or video as their friends in the consumer sector – just less adorable pet videos!

Native Advertising

One of the more innovative trends emerging out of the business-to-business marketing sector is the adoption of “native advertising”. This style of advertising is a cross between content and advertising; a hybrid of the two, one might say. It resembles content written to gain engagement, but it’s primarily filled with material that promotes an advertiser’s service or goods. This technique is gaining traction because it is not quite an advertisement, but it still completes the goal of informing the customer, while creating something that is easily shareable. Next time you see a blog post that claims chocolate can actually help you lose weight, make sure that it wasn’t written by one of those pesky M&M’s!

There you have it, a few handy tricks for the next big lead you’re pursuing.With these modern tweaks on B2B marketing, you will be ready to get down to business to business!