Keep Donors Engaged Year Round

For non-profits that are struggling to keep donors engaged year round and to maintain momentum throughout the year, here are some suggestions for ways to stay engaged with your donors on a continual basis:

Reach Out to Donors in Off Peak Seasons

Your message is more likely to reach a potential donor when they are not being flooded with a lot of solicitations from other charity organizations. By reaching people during the summer months, they are likely to be more receptive to your message than if they heard from you during the holidays.

Consider Working With Other Nonprofits

Staying true to your mission is very important, but this does not mean you cannot be connected with other organizations. Working with one or two other organizations who are filling a dire need can help raise your profile and make your organization part of a much larger narrative.

Use a Personal Approach in Your “Call to Action”

Reach out to people personally giving them the opportunity to become involved in what you’re doing. Storytelling is crucial. When people feel a personal connection and that they are actually making a difference, they are more likely to remain engaged.

Leverage All Gift Giving Occasions

Offer donors the opportunity to give a gift that helps others. Birthdays, Anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and other holidays all provide great opportunities to make a contribution in someone else’s name to a charity they support. This kind of gift is greatly appreciated, much more than another digital device or necktie your dad doesn’t need.

Shed Your Shyness

Do not be shy about communicating with your donors about the struggles and successes you’ve experienced this year. Reach out to potential donors as well through mailings, updating your website, e-newsletters and social media. Tell your donors how their contributions are helping to make a real impact. Convey the milestones and explain the level of impact your organization is having. Whenever you get press coverage, post it. People are drawn to photos and videos; so don’t be shy about posting those as well.

There are a lot of ways for non-profit organizations to stay connected with their donors throughout the year.

There is no one-size-fits-all to this, but what does apply to all organizations is that it is extremely important to stay connected, to keep the conversation going all year long. Your supporters are the life-blood of your organization and they need to know how important their support is and how much you appreciate their involvement. This is how you advance your cause, one that you are all passionate about.