Most everyone knows that interviews are tough. Whether it is the top firm in the country, or getting into a local club, everyone gets nervous no matter how big or small the interview is. If you are apprehensive about how you will look in front of the interviewer, here are 10 refreshing interview tips that will make you have a good impression.

Eye Contact

If you have trouble looking people in the eyes, you must learn how to ignore the intimidation of direct eye contact, because eye contact shows confidence. People notice when you look at them; it shows that you are not afraid or nervous in front of them and you are comfortable and confident in yourself as well. When you do not give the interviewer direct eye contact, it shows weakness and it gives off the impression that you are uninterested in what they are asking.

Firm Handshake

Even though it might not seem like it, a handshake can tell a lot about who you are as a person. If you firmly shake someone’s hand, it shows confidence and it gives a lasting impression. They will not remember someone who has a dainty handshake, because what does that say about someone? That they are weak and do not take this interview seriously. It also shows that you are nervous and that could reflect your performance while you are on the job. So, firm handshakes will get you remembered and it shows that you are present and ready for whatever question they throw at you.

Speak Loudly

We aren’t saying to YELL, but do not be afraid to speak up. The interviewers are there to listen to YOU! They need to hear what you are saying. When you speak softly, it shows that you are nervous and it shows that you could be a shy person. Companies do not want shy people because they want their employees to be personable and sociable; a team player. So speak loudly and clearly so you can let them know that you are important and you deserve this job.

Think Before You Speak

Some people talk fast when they are nervous. If you do, slow down, and think of what you want to say before you throw out word-vomit. If you speak without analyzing the question they are asking, you can go off topic and get away from the question they have asked, which is not okay. They will notice that you did not really answer the question. So make sure you think before you speak so you stay as professional as possible.

Do Not Fidget

If you are a fidgeter when you get nervous, you must practice on staying still. Do not play with your hair, crack your knuckles, or fidget in any way. That shows you are nervous. It is okay to talk with your hands, it shows that you are deep in conversation. Just do not fidget because that is a pet peeve of some people and it can come across as unprofessional. It’s okay to be nervous, we get it. Just remain as calm and professional as possible.

Posture Matters

It is very important to not slouch when sitting or standing. It is very unprofessional and it shows that you do not care about your appearance. Try to set your hands in your lap and sit comfortably as possible. With that, try to sit with your legs crossed at the ankles. Ladies, if you are wearing a skirt, this prevents any overexposure. Good posture is very important if you want to make a good first impression.

Be Honest

Very important: Never lie on a resume or in an interview. Lying is never good, especially when looking for a job. If you lie about knowing how to work on a certain program or go as far as lying about being able to speak Spanish, this can really affect on how long your job lasts. If you are honest on not knowing how to do something, that is okay, just let them know gently and say you are interested in learning. Being honest is the best way to go because you do not want to be in any pickles. 

Be Polite

It is always nice to be nice. Especially, when talking to someone who is in charge of your employment. Do not come off as a know-it-all, that is a huge turnoff. Make sure to be humble and kind. You want to make a good impression and being nice shows that you are easy to work with. Make sure to smile because that makes people want to talk to you.

They Are People Too

If you are nervous, remember that they are people too. They get nervous and feel vulnerable just like everyone else. Just relate to them and do the best you can at answering their questions. They are not going to bite you or tell you that you are a terrible person. The worst they can say is that they want to go with someone else. It is not the end of the world!

Prepare Questions Beforehand

Having questions for the interviewers before you leave is a great way to get you remembered when you walk out the door. It shows that you were listening to what they were saying and you are very interested in the job. It also lets them know that you have all the information that you need and it shows that you have prepared for the interview. They will be impressed if you ask follow up questions.

Here at Puzzle Pieces, we want to make sure you are as professional and prepared as possible for whatever interview you are about to go into. These interview tips should help you do a proper and professional interview, but it is up to you to know what you are talking about. So practice at home and get comfortable so you are prepared to knock the socks off the interviewers!